Detective Montalbano

Detective Montalbano

35 Episodes

Murder, betrayal, office politics, temptation... it's all in a day's work for Detective Salvo Montalbano. Filmed in the ancient, sun-washed Sicilian city of Ragusa Ibla, the series is based on the international best-selling mystery novels by Andrea Camilleri and stars Luca Zingaretti

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Detective Montalbano
  • A Voice in the Night

    Episode 25

    Montalbano has to trap a supermarket thief using unconventional methods. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2013.

  • A Ray of Light

    Episode 26

    Montalbano asks Mimi to be an undercover Lothario while investigating a female assault victim's alibi. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2013.

  • Montalbano: A Delicate Matter

    Episode 27

    Montalbano investigates the murder of a well-loved 70-year-old prostitute, along with an accusation of molestation at an elementary school. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2015.

  • Montalbano: The Mud Pyramid

    Episode 28

    In the course of a murder investigation, Montalbano discovers a ring of corruption between construction companies and the Mafia. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2015.

  • A Nest of Vipers

    Episode 29

    TV-MA. A man arrives at his father’s home to find him dead, murdered with a shotgun while drinking coffee in the kitchen. With no sign of forced entry, it’s clear the victim knew his murderer. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2016.

  • According to Protocol

    Episode 30

    TV-MA. A beautiful, beaten woman drives herself to an apartment building, where she collapses and dies. Her intent seems to have been to direct attention to one of the building’s tenants. Directed by Alberto Sironi, 2016.

  • Montalbano and Me: Andrea Camilleri

    Episode 31

    Actress Teresa Mannino interviews Andrea Camilleri, author of the Detective Montalbano books, about his life, writing and the irascible detective who captured the hearts of readers and viewers around the world. Directed by Claudio Canepari and Paolo Santolini, 2014.

  • BONUS: Making Montalbano

    Episode 32

    Detective Montalbano Bonus Feature

  • BONUS: A Conversation with Luca Zingaretti

    Episode 33

    Detective Montalbano Bonus Feature

  • BONUS: From Page to Screen

    Episode 34

    Detective Montalbano Bonus Feature

  • BONUS: True Sicilians

    Episode 35

    Detective Montalbano Bonus Feature