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Watch this video and more on MHz Choice

Flemming: The Blood of Love (Sn 1 Ep 2)

Flemming – 44m

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    A high school student throws himself in front of a truck and Flemming suspects undue pressure put on him by the police. Directed by Claudia Garde, 2009.

  • Flemming: Under Her Spell (Sn 1 Ep 4)

    After a life-size doll modeled on a female jazz singer is found buried in a coffin, a military officer with mental issues becomes a person of interest. Directed by Zoltan Spirandelli, 2009.

  • "Flemming - EP 203" Available May 1

    Flemming investigates a blackmailer who threatens to kill a family's children for financial gain. Directed by Bernhard Stephan, 2011.

    This episode will be made available May 1.