Irene Huss

Irene Huss

2 Seasons

From the best-selling crime fiction of Helene Tursten, Irene Huss is a ju-jitsu champion, a mother, and a detective inspector. Her husband, Krister, is a successful chef and luckily for Irene, he gladly shoulders a fair share of the household tasks. In her work with the Violent Crimes Unit in Gothenburg, Irene encounters criminal minds of all stripes: from drug dealers to serial killers to psychotic young girls. Each new case challenges her assumptions about herself and others.

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Irene Huss
  • The Torso

    Episode 1

    A dismembered corpse washes up on the shore outside Gothenburg and the only lead Irene has is a tattoo on the torso. Directed by Martin Asphaug, 2007.

  • The Horse Figurine

    Episode 2

    One of Gothenburg's wealthiest men plummets to his death from a balcony. Directed by Martin Asphaug, 2008.

  • The Fire Dance

    Episode 3

    A series of fires in Gothenburg creates panic among its inhabitants. Directed by Anders Engström, 2008.

  • The Night Round

    Episode 4

    One nurse lies dead and another vanishes after their hospital is hit by a blackout. Directed by Anders Engström, 2008.

  • The Glass Devil

    Episode 5

    Three members of a family are brutally murdered, their blood used to draw upside-down pentagrams. Directed by Alexander Moberg, 2008.

  • The Gold Digger

    Episode 6

    When dreams of big money from online gaming bite the dust, so do three men in a brutal execution. Directed by Alexander Moberg, 2008.